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The fine story of a communal baker’s oven, or the gift of one generation to others.

What could be left of an event filled with smiles and emotion?
In fact, Fougueyrolles chose to celebrate its 700 years on July 7 and 8, 2006 around a “baker’s oven”. Without wanting to compete with our bakers, who provide excellent varieties of bread, the idea was, rather, to invent the bread of friendship and conviviality.

So, gathered together around this new symbol on this fine Sunday morning, we were able to seal these thoughts forever by means of an extraordinary baptism.
This very sincere demonstration, which numerous Fougueyrolles women and men wanted, filled our hearts with the kind of indefinable joy that goes right through you and fills you without measure.

Other small get-togethers took place around this authentic creation by a team that set great store in wanting to achieve a good piece of work.
For all that, the baker’s oven, with its modern design with hearth and vault, has existed for at least 4000 years. In fact, statuettes from ancient Egypt show bakers’ ovens and bakery workshops. Likewise in our region, remains of bakers’ ovens have been found in houses dating from the bronze age, and later, from the iron age.
The commune of Fougueyrolles copied its past, for it was not rare, in the countryside, to find a communal bread oven belonging to a group of neighbours, in which farmers baked the dough that they prepared themselves.

To future generations, men and women would leave an unfailing trace of their will to join forces and to find one another around the fire’s warmth.
Let us hope that, without much grumbling, the old wood will transform flour, yeast, salt and water into good bread.