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Fougueyrolles Town Hall
  The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M PANTAROTTO Ghislain
1st Deputy : BRAIT Maryse
2nd Deputy : BENEY Thierry
3rd Deputy : TONNEAUT Philippe
Local Councillors : BARTHELEMY-GOUYAC Fabienne,  COUSINET Philippe, GINES Laurent, LART-SULPICE Anne-Marie, LUYCKFASSEL Corinne, MARTY Paulette, ROCHER Philippe

Local Services
Primary school
School and village library

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates
Montaigne, Montravel et Gurson Community of Communes
SIREP (drinking water),Vélines
SIRPE (grouped schools), St Méard de Gurçon
SIVU-CRENO (shopkeepers and tradespeople of Vélines)
La Force Electricity Board
Montaigne - Gurson - La Force Tourist Information Office
Sanitation Syndicate, Bas Montravel de Vélines
SITP (Economy and housing) Montaigne and Gurson
SIVOS (schooling) at Vélines
SI of St Foy La Grand Secondary School
SIRS (school bus), Vélines
SICTOM (refuse removal) Rauzan