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Hiking Trail
Starting and finishing point : Faux Church. All signs are painted in yellow.
With the war memorial behind you, take the road leading to La Fontaine.
The path goes through Le Pignier towards the Lacoste woods before heading to the village of Le Genèbre. Follow the path through the woods along the Couzeau stream and then head back towards La Pomarède.

The trail takes you back to Faux via Buffelard and offers a magnificent view of Faux and its church spire.
The walk takes approximately 2 ½ to 3 hours depending on the pace.
The ‘Topo Guide’ to the ‘Périgord Pourpre’ is available from the Tourist Information Office and includes details of this trail.
Other hiking trails detailed in the guide include St Aubin via Verdon and Faux, and a short walk starting at Verdon.
For further information please contact Faux Town Hall.

A relatively well-preserved dolmen composed of five stones stands at a place called ‘Champ Guilhem’ by some and ‘Camp Guilhem’ by others. It is believed to be the burial chamber of a military chief called Guilhem killed in battle at this site.

In the hamlet of ‘Peyra-Levada’ near La Robertie is a second dolmen, 3,70m high and 2,80m wide.

A third dolmen can be seen along the Bourdil path and goes by the name of ‘The General’s Tomb’.
All three dolmens are referred to by Monsieur Bertrand. The latter two have been described and drawn by Monsieur L. Drouyn who has also sketched a rock known as ‘Al Roc del Ser’ or ‘Roc du Sec’ which he believes equally to be a megalithic monument. This stone is, today, virtually buried. The Camp Guilhem dolmen is mentioned in the ‘Périgord Illustré’, p547.