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Eglise-Neuve-d’Issac Town HallVersion Française

In 1803, the commune had 421 inhabitants. Today it has 140* on an area of 1627 hectares. It belongs to the canton of Villamblard, and is located on the main road, D 709, between Bergerac and Mussidan.

Eglise-Neuve d'Eyraud became Eglise-Neuve d'Issac during the Revolution.

To reach Église-Neuve-d'Issac from Villamblard, you have to cross the Landais forest. In summer, the coolness is noticeable and walks are enjoyable. When evening falls, it is not unusual to come across a herd of deer.

In the springtime, the ditches are overgrown with asphodeles and wild orchids, but, of course, the colours are the most beautiful in autumn. Then the woods belong to mushroom hunters and gatherers. If land owners don’t really want to see their mushrooms disappear into unknown baskets, the ditches belong to everyone, and, when ceps are scarce, you can fill your baskets with chestnuts!


  * (official population on January 1, 2017)

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).