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Cunèges Town Hall
The Porch of St Barthelemy’s Church, 18th Century

Activities Offered:
-Cunèges Festival in August
Village festival bringing together Cunégeois and vacationers around a country meal

Presents, a show, a snack for our children, big and small
-The Pig Festival
Meal of traditional cooking prepared by the “people of Cunèges” in the month of March

The aillet omelette on May 1

Vaulted Room, 18th Century

Every Tuesday at 7:30 p.m., a special moment to unwind at the gymnastics class in the communal room.

Hiking Trails

10 km of maintained trails, stating at the church

Stained-glass Window, St. Barthelemy’s Church
(St. George Slaying the Dragon)

Detail of the Porch, St. Barthelemy’s Church