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Recent achievements

Road Infrastructure
Opened on February 26, 2004, the RN 21 eastern diversion crosses the Dordogne River on a bridge several hundred metres upstream from the Gilets Bridge.
An interchange and a large roundabout (traffic circle) make the connection easier between Bergerac and the Cavaille and Vallade shopping areas.
Thus Cours de Pile holds a strategic position east of Bergerac.

At the Community Level

1) Associations’ Centre
During the first quarter of 2003, the old presbytery underwent serious renovation and important interior improvements.
After the inauguration on Friday, October 3, 2003 of what then became the COURS DE PILE Associations’ Centre, all of the associations of our village have pleasant premises at their disposition. The three levels include meeting rooms, offices, restrooms, and a local “dish warmer”.

2) The Bakery-Patisserie.

The commune has no local shops although the small supermarket at Creysse is only three minutes away and the shops of Mouleydier, only five minutes.
The only real problem is that of bread and this is, in part, resolved by the bakery delivery vans of neighbouring communes.
The commune owns a building, ideally situated at the entrance to Cours de Pile, on the village square, near the school buildings.
The shop, tea rooms and housing for the baker were constructed in this building. The oven was built at the back.
The shop opening took place in April, 2004, and its inauguration was celebrated Saturday, May 15, 2004.

3) Development of the Town Hall
For years the Town Hall building housed the village school. In the future, it is much more functional, as much on the level of greeting the public as for the officials and elected officials who work there.
The work ended and it was opened to the public at the end of 2004.
The official inauguration took place on Saturday, January 15, 2005.

4) Creating a community housing development.
In the Champs de Cours triangle, the town has land easily serviced, on which it created a housing development of 15 homes in 2007. The owners of the various lots, have today, for the most part, built and live in their homes.

5) Town Improvement
The work completed during the summer, 2008 and inaugurated on February 13, 2009, made it possible for the Municipal Council to attain the objectives that it set itself:
- Restoring a heart to the village, which suffered from fragmented development along its streets.
- Making the public places more pleasant and more functional, with 104 parking bays (distributed among 7 carparks), and thanks to an original, harmonious urban development (burying the phone and electric networks, planting shrubs and other plants, constructing low stone walls,…)
- Making it safe to cross the village by creating, in particular, a “30 zone” on the road CD 37, and by creating more important and protected spaces for pedestrians.

6) Creation of a Cultural Centre

The house which was donated to the municipality by the Bonafé family has been converted into a cultural centre, namely the municipal multi-media centre inaugurated on 10 October 2011 (library, tape library, conference and exhibition room, free use of computers).

7) Improvement of Sporting Facilities

In 2009 major drainage work took place vastly improving the condition of the main sports ground in wet weather.

Development Projects

  Road Infrastructure
A middle-term project is the new “Valley Road”, which will join Bergerac and Lalinde and eventually Sarlat.. A slip road, planned at the Coustinet crossroads, will create a new entrance to the commune.

   Local Amenities
1) Creation of a Leisure-orientated Open Space

The commune owns a large tract of terraced land, stretching from the football stadium to the village square, which it plans to have landscaped to include footpaths, shady resting spots, and games areas in a bid to improve this area near the heart of the village.

2) Grouping together the school buildings
To avoid nursery school children having to cross the road CD 37 to go to the cafeteria located next to the primary school, the Municipal Council is studying the possibility of building a nursery school adjoining the school complex.
The buildings of the current school could then be restructured in order to accommodate the “Bar-Tabac-Restaurant”, which is situated a bit out of the way, on the Church road.

Cours de Pile :
Is beautifully situated,
Has major advantages
And realisable development projects
For a new generation of people wanting «to live in the countryside ».

The Natural Environment

Local Services and Amenities