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Local Services and Amenities


The communal road network has three main axes :
• The CD 37 which crosses the commune from east to west and around which much of the village has grown up.
• Running parallel to the CD 37 is the Château de Pile road which serves the hamlet of Migay and links up with the Mouleydier bridge.
• The Coustinet road heads out of the village, up the hill towards Agen.
• During the thirty years or so the road which made most used for getting to and from the village is not, in fact, the CD 37 but the Route des Gilets. The Gilets bridge (a former Eiffel-style one-track railway bridge) served links the communal road network to the CD 660 (the Lalinde road).


 Since thursday 26 february 2004, the opening of the first section of the extended ‘Route Nationale’ RN 21 linking the Roumanières and Creysse roundabouts is improving traffic circulation in with, in particular a new interchange and roundabout at ‘Les Gilets’. The new bridge over the Dordogne River is, equally, making conditions easier for drivers heading east to Lalinde and north to Périgueux.

This special situation, off the main highways, made it possible for Cours-de-Pile to keep its rural character and assure a certain peacefulness for its inhabitants.

The drainage and sanitation network of the commune, which currently extends as far as the hamlet of Bazet, is connected to the communal water purification station of the main urban sectors. It is in the west sector that the grounds urbanisables are most numerous. The part east of the commune is reserved for agriculture and natural spaces.

Gas is piped along the Bergerac road meaning that residents have access to a competitively priced energy source.

Local town planning regulations (PLU) were approved in March 2000 ensuring proper management of the open countryside.(modified in 2002).

→   Artisans, Shops and Services (cf : ‘Activities’ rubric)
Thirty small, local business include general building, carpentry, plumbing and electricity as well as garages and IT specialists.
Commercial outlets include a bakery-pastry shop, two hairdressing salons, a bar-newsagents and a post office.
Services in the commune include a medical surgery.

   Schools and Administrative Facilities
Next to the Town Hall are two schools :
• An infant school with 2 classes.
• A grouped school structure (RPI) with 5 primary school classes.
The building which houses the primary school is also home to a commune-owned canteen and modern kitchens.
A paying out-of-school hours nursery is available for pupils on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from 7h30 to 9h00 and 16h30 to 1830.

   Sports and Cultural Facilities
Inaugurated on 10 October 2011, the Media Centre is open for exhibitions and conferences. It is home to the municipal library which offers a continually renewed selection of books thanks to a loan agreement with the Departmental Library.
Opening Times:
Monday: 3pm-6pm
Wednesday: 2pm-6pm
Friday : 3pm-7pm

There is a local football stadium and a ‘boules’ playing area.
A entirely renovated village hall is available for hire by individuals or associations.
The ‘Maison des Associations’, inaugurated on 3rd October 2003 in the old presbytery, has meeting rooms for the various associations of the commune on each of its three floors.

The Natural Environment

Development Projects