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Colombier Town Hall

It has dominated the village since the 12th century. Placed under the double patronage of Saint Pierre and Saint Paul, it was changed during the Renaissance.
Its apse is flat, pierced by a small square bay, a quadrilobate oculus (a four-lobed hole in the door) and a semicircular-arched bay.
The high, massive wall-belfry is divided into three registers, separated by very prominent dripstones that run along the western fašade and the two edges.

Covered with a saddleback roof (a roof with two slopes), the upper register is pierced by three identical semicircular-arched bays, and by a smaller semicircular-arched bay on each edge. A spiral staircase, housed in a tower in the south part of the fašade and lit by four very splayed square bays, leads to the bells level. The middle register is bare. The lower register, slightly broader than the other two, is built out of regular appareil (a method of building with stone), seated on a horizontal row of stones; its Renaissance portal is made of a wide door with a horizontal lintel framed by pointed, very slender, ornate arches and an archivolt.