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Cause de Clérans Town Hall

-The village
The village is divided in two: Cause has a Romanesque-Byzantine church dating from the end of the eleventh century and Clérans has the imposing ruins of a twelfth-century, medieval castle built on Carolingian foundations. In the twelfth century Clérans and Cause were joined as one parish.
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The Romanesque-Byzantine style church at Cause de Clérans dates from the end of the 11th century and the 12th century, but its nave is modern. Notice the steeple on the crossing, sheltering a dome on pendentives, an apse in the shape of a quarter-sphere, and six columns with arched mouldings as support.
The capitals are carved with persons, birds, and lions. You can see a bishop between two wolves and an eagle with the wings open and hanging down.
The apse is decorated with seven arcs of brackets hanging on columns whose capitals are carved with birds and quadrupeds.
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