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Capdrot Town Hall

Notre Dame of Capdrot Church

- Notre-Dame of Capdrot church
- Megaliths, Roc de Peyrecourt, Dolmen
- Chateaux of Lauzerte, La Chaussade and Castelmerle
- Pechegut Chapel
- Monument to the peasant Buffarot:
Buffarot, a weaver in Capdrot, roused the Perigord peasants in a revolt against injustice and oppression.
In 1637, he was executed on the wheel in Monpazier. “He was broken on a scaffold of all his members, one after another, the head last, without being blindfolded.” (book of the late Maître SAVY).
Pierre de MOLINIER captured him in Monpeyran, in the jurisdiction of Villeréal, following orders received from Bernard de LA VALETTE, the duke of EPERNON. “They took his members to different places, his body on a cherry tree at Bernadet, his head at Belvès.” (Pourquery)
- The commune has hiking trails.
Information at the Bastide Country Tourism Development Agency (Agence de Développement Touristique du Pays des Bastides)

- Events

August 15 large festival
Birols evening

Monument to the peasant Buffarot