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Campsegret Town Hall

The Town Hall

  The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M MALAUBIER Gérard
1st Deputy : DENOIX Alain
2nd Deputy : GELLÉ Jean- Marie
Local Councillors : BLONDEL Marie-Claude, BONNAMY Claude, CHARRIERE Vincent, DE SAINT-EXUPÉRY Pierre, DURIN Ludovic,  LAFOND Sylvie, THIBAUD Christine, VICTORIEN-DEMET Cécile
Local Services :
Primary School (in grouped schools structure - RPI - with Queyssac).

Local Amenities :
-Local Housing : church, school and relay station.
-Municipal community room
-Tennis court

Membership of Inter-commune Syndicates :
• Campsegret / St Julian de Crempse Inter-commune Roadworks agreement
• DFCI Syndicate
• Maurens and St Sauveur Dordogne Pourpre Intermunicipal Drinking Water Association
• SPANC (Public service of not Collective Cleaning up)
• Pays de Villamblard Community of Communes
• Departmental Energy Association 24 (SDE 24)
• SMD3 (Household Waste Collection)