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Calès Town Hall



A Romanesque church has perched high on its promontory since the 12th century. Inside is a wooden, listed statue of the Virgin Mary dating from the 15th century.
From the church is a sweeping view of the Dordogne River, the plains of Lalinde and the EDF power station.



The church with its magnificent vantage point is visible from the road but is, nonetheless, a little awkward to get to from the village so, below are indispensable directions !
« On entering the village, climb upwards and turn left, passing in front of the Town Hall. Continue and head back downwards to the left whereupon, if all is well, the road should open up on the right to the pretty church square. »

Another important historical site is the Traly Mill Pond about which legends abound because of, supposedly, being the cradle of seven separate sources which all bubble forth at 12°C whatever the season...

Calès boasted two ports at the time of the gabares and river transport, today only the landing stages once used to load wood from the forest of Bessède and unload the fine wines of Bordeaux, still exist.

Hiking Trail
From the wash-house, located on the left at the town entrance, to go up toward the school, go right toward "Peymegoux" It is a 14 kilometre, five-hour pedestrian circuit.