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Calès Town Hall

Having built technical premises at the football stadium and renovated the Town Hall, the municipality embarked on the task of restoring the commune’s heritage.
Thus, the church was restored and lighting installed. The square, with its magnificent panoramic view over the Dordogne was developed and the roof of the wash-house totally renovated. As well as doing justice to its heritage, the village was also planted with flowers.
This year all attention has been focused on the school playground : our children now have a new - better equipped and greener - play area. The playground will eventually also contain a vegetable plot.

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M CHAVAL Jean-Marie
1st Deputy : CHAILLOU Christophe
2nd Deputy : MONTHEIL Pierre
3rd Deputy : GRAZZI Roseline
Local Councillors : BAUNAT Sylvain, BZDZINCK Jean-Michel, CATHUS Christophe, FAURE Brigitte, MELCHIORI Jean Claude, MORAS Christelle, ROUSSEAU Brigitte