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Cadouin Cloisters

Cadouin is situated at the convergence of several small valleys (as can be seen clearly from the panoramic view to be had by following the Rue de La République) which made it the ideal place for the Cistercians, who were hydraulic specialists, to settle. They began building in the twelfth century and over time the landscape was transformed. Today one can see :
• The abbey, cloisters and courtyard.
• Development of the Griffoul and Bélingou streams which were channelled via the buildings feeding both mills and smithy and providing water for the latrines.
• The Saint Louis Gate which serves as a reminder of the space which separated the abbey from the outside world.
• The market hall representing the abbey’s renewed commercial activity following the ravages of the Hundred Years War.
• Sources, including that of St Bernard - the best known of the Cistercians.
The Association ‘Au Fil du Temps’ (‘Over the Years’) has produced a guide which is available at the
Tourist Information Office and local shops.

Hiking Trails
From the market hall, leave Cadouin on the Le Buisson road turning right after 50m.
Length : 10km
Time : On foot : 3h20 / By mountain-bike : 1h30


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