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Bourniquel Town Hall


• The church, which has been undergone substantial alterations, with its half-domed 12th century apse.
The church and graveyard are listed as Picturesque Sites.

• A ‘cluzeau’ (underground tunnels and/or caves) at Faugère.

• Château de Cardoux (private property)
Former home to the Feytous, the Beaudet and the Saint-Exupéry families.
The main body of the château is medieval but it underwent serious restoration work in the 15th century. Sturdy, round towers stand at each corner although each one was beheaded during the Revolution. On the southern facade Renaissance bays are juxtaposed with arrow loopholes.
Although modern work has spoilt the château it still retains its nobility of yore. The chapel was built post 1852 by the architect, Vauthier. In 1775 one St Exupéry who became a sailor and a Knight of the Maltese Cross before dying at Aboukir was born in the château.