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Bouniagues Town Hall

Community Room


The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M BASSI Georges
1st Deputy : GALLOIS Michèle
2nd Deputy : MONSARRAT David
Local Councillors : ADELAÏDE Thierry, BORSATO Bernard, CEOLA Maryse, CONNANGLE Alain, DELPIT Jérôme, DEPLANQUE Joséphine, DUWAT Cédric, GRACCO DE LAY Alain, MATTERA Damien, SALEON TERRAS Clotilde, SIERRA Joséphine, VEYSSIERE Célia

The commune belongs to the Community of the Bergerac urban area


-Bouniagues school
-Library in the Town Hall


-Community Room: to rent it, ask the Town Hall secretariat
-Football field
-Petanque area

Development project

Creation of an industrial park