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Bosset Town Hall

Saint Jacques Church

  The village has a ruined windmill in a place that bears its name.

“Bosset has both a healing source and a Benedictine Priory. Wine was blessed and candles burnt near the source. The tradition of burning candles near a source is Gaulish, i.e. pagan and was forbidden by various authorities including Saint Eloi. At Bosset ancient rites existed right up until the 20th century although they were no longer necessarily associated with the source, having been transferred to the church.

In connection with these two rites Bosset has, as already indicated and “as if by chance”, the source and, even more importantly, the Benedictine Abbey. The source was dedicated to St Eutrope (patron saint of healers and the sick, a disciple of St Denis and Bishop of Saintes. Sources dedicated to St Eutrope are generally recommended for rheumatism and bone disorders - phonetically speaking Eutrope and ‘estropié’ [meaning crippled, maimed] are very close). The parish church, however, is dedicated to St James the Elder (the venerated apostle of Compestella who is celebrated on 25 July).”
Fontaines sacrées en Périgord by Bernadette Darchen, 1988 p140

Local Festivities

-May Day 1st
-Summer concert in July-August
-Village Fête on the last Sunday of July