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As far as the tourist trade goes, Bosset has a number of second homes so during the holiday period the little village is livened up. Ramblers love the kilometres of woodland footpaths which criss-cross the forest. Nature is undisturbed here and walkers may well come across all sorts of wildlife.

The village has a hotel-restaurant « Le Jardin Fleuri » whose customers tend in the main to be foreign holiday-makers.
The village’s economic activity is represented by its bar/tobacconist and its trades and crafts (carpentry, painting, plaster-work, logging, a wood haulier-business, pottery etc.). Farming also plays an important role in local life with several poultry and duck farms in the area and goat’s cheese being produced on one of the local farms.

  Tradespeople - Shopkeepers
M. Laurent Merchant

Bar - Tobacconist "Le Tamaris"
M. Bernard Monmaillé

Loggers / Wood Hauliers
M. Gilles Lacueille
M. Gilles Manthet
M. Eric Vidal
M. Jean Vidal

Canine pension " Cromignon " : 05 53 80 48 41

Local Produce :
Goat’s Cheese
Marc et Françoise Bonnier

Accommodation :
Hotel du Jardin Fleuri :

Associations :
ViVillage Fêtes Committee
Président : M. Jean FERRY :

Football Club
President : M. Jean-Pierre Chadourne :

Hunting Society
President : M. Jean-Pierre BESSE

" Tous en ballade " ('All in a Ballad')
President : M. Alain Peyruchaud

" Entretien Forme Bosset "
President : M. Christophe PINEROS
Contact : M. André Dugué au - 

" Passerelle(s) " Association
President : Mrs Delphine Janus :
Contact : M. Stéphane Dugué : -

Health :

Home Care Nurse
Jennifer Godat : 05 53 81 89 29 -06 78 25 71 62