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Beauregard & Bassac Town Hall

The commune adheres to the Federation of the Bastides of Aquitaine.

The texts about the Bassac dolmen and Beauregard church and market hall are taken from the document entitled « Beauregard et Bassac » written by the pupils of ‘Cours Moyen’ and ‘Cours Elémentaire 2’ in 1969-70.


Market Hall


Twelfth-century Market Hall
Beauregard market hall was built by the English in the 12th century. It is 20.30m long, 15m wide, 10m high, covers a surface area of 304.5m² and is supported by 17 pillars. The roof frame is supported by 7 enormous beams.

In the Middle Ages markets, where it was obligatory to display prices, were held every Wednesday. These regulations date from1286. Fairs were also held, particularly for the festivals of St Front, the Virgin Mary and the Assumption.

Beauregard Church

Beauregard Church (Gothic)
At the time of the Seigneurs of Beauregard there was a chapel at the château. The ladies of Baneuil wanted a church so donated money for one to be built. The Gothic church is particularly remarkable for its bastardised rib-vaulting. The spire, built separately circa 1880, is not at all in keeping with the rest of the church. Next to Beauregard château, it overlooks the valleys of La Crempse and Neuf-Fonds. It is a large church (bigger than Bassac) even if pilgrimages are not made to it. It is situated just next to the château.




We know that this prehistoric dolmen was a burial or funeral chamber and was built between 3500BC and 1800BC by prehistoric man. It is situated approximately 2km from Bassac in the middle of the woods facing south and is known as « Pierre Levée » (‘Raised Stone’).

As is generally the case with dolmens, a chieftain or figure of importance was probably buried at Bassac.
Did prehistoric man only leave this dolmen ? Or might the Bassac caves date from this era too and contain evidence of prehistoric presence ?

Hiking Trails
There exist two hiking trails :
- The path of Fountains (12 km)
- The path of Peymira (10 km)

Bassac Romanesque Chapel