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Beaumont du Périgord Town Hall

Population : Beaumont du Périgord has a population of 1104*. It is the chief town of the canton.
The surface area of the commune is 2478 hectares.
Tourism : The Tourist Information Office is open all year round and is pleased to be of assistance, in particular it can be of help in recommending accommodation and places to eat.

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The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M MORTEMOUSQUE Dominique
1st Deputy : VIDAUD Gabriel
Local Councillors : M BAGILET Cédric, CARREAU Raphaël, CHOUIPE Laëtitia, DEGUIGNE Christiane, DESFARGES-LACROIX Élisabeth, FIORE Ingrid, GAUTHIER Denise, LANDAT Sébastien, MANGEOT Marie-Thérèse, MOLLARD Jacqueline, MORON Pascal, ORTEGA Anthony, WAN-KERKHOVE Sylvain

1 chemist, 3 doctors, 2 dentists, 1 retirement home with medical staff, 3 district nurses, 1Physiotherapist, 1Chiropodist.
Social Assistance
Domestic help, social and legal assistance services, help for job seekers and the elderly.
All branches of the building industry are represented, 2 garage,
Agricultural Co-operative, Material (clothes) business
Beaumont has food, household, clothes and DIY shops, 1 supermarket
Football (2 football grounds), tennis, judo, basket ball, volley ball, gymnastics and ‘boules’.
Beaumont has an infant school (80 pupils), a primary school (90 pupils) and a secondary school (300 pupils). There is an after-school nursery and a holiday activity centre.
Twenty seven associations have their headquarters at Beaumont du Périgord with activities ranging from old-age pensioners social clubs through to cultural and sports clubs.
Cultural Projects
The construction of a media centre and the continued improvement of the living environment with the creation of a park.

* (official population on January 1, 2017)