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Beaumont du Périgord Town HallVersion Française

The bastide of Beaumont du Périgord was founded, in the name of Edward I of England, by Lucas de Thaney, Seneschal of Guyenne. Its rectangular town plan is at odds with its stylistically very French squares. Philip the Hardy was on the French throne at the time. In 1277 Edward conceded a charter to the inhabitants of the bastide. During the Hundred Years War Beaumont du Périgord remained in English hands until, in 1442, the Viscount of Turenne, Charles VII of France’s lieutenant, restored it to the French. Edward I’s charter, however, was ratified in 1461 by Louis XI of France.

A defensive gateway and parts of the village walls date from this era (Lusier’s Gate and house fronts in the Rue Féliciane).
Might another community have existedon the same spot before 1272 ? Perhaps at Belpech where remains of a 10th century chapel (Belpech chapel) have been excavated.


Over the centuries Beaumont du Périgord was transformed, thanks in part to its millers (19 mills on the river Couze) and blacksmiths (stone, iron, chalk deposits), and provides fine examples of architecture dating from the 13th to 19th centuries (Robert House, the retirement home, Dr Pampouille House).


Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).