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Bayac Town Hall
The Town Hall

The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : Mme CAROT Annick
1st Deputy : MÉNARD Ghislaine
2nd Deputy : LE BOURVELLEC Jean-Claude
Local Councillors : HEYBERGER Frantz, LANOË Séverine, RAOULT Jean-Marc, RIGOULET David, ROSOLIN Alexa, ROUX Céline, SAINSON Frédéric

Picnic Area

Inter-communal associations:
-Tourist Information Office
-Bastides Dordogne-Périgord
Community of Communes

-Pays du Grand Bergeracois



Town Facilities
- Village Hall
To hire: Inquire at the Town Hall
- Picnic area


Community Services
- School grouped intercommunally with Monsac and Naussannes
Nursery school sections with pupil pick-up
Director: Isabelle Salem
Teacher: Laure Jabaudon
Territorial agent specialised in nursery schools (Atsem): Chantal Bouthier
Canteen Woman: Gisèle Bourgeois
Beaumont Region Community of Communes employee: Marie-Christine Grimaldos


- Collective clean-up
The drainage work for part of the dwellings bordering the departmental road D660, of the castle and the dovecote housing development were completed.
Plan to plant reeds in the waste water lagoon, located at the dovecote. This ecological process will make it possible to return pure water to the Couze.

Administrative and technical processes to begin drainage works in the town, with the agreement of the CCPB - 40 connexions are envisaged.

- School
Installation of a light signal during the time the students enter and leave. It is powered by a solar battery.
Planned: creation of a playground

- Recruitment of Mr. Jean-Paul PROUST, road-mender, for various repairs for which the town is responsible (parks, cemetery, school, rural paths, Town Hall, community centre).

- Repairing the Crow Rock path (above BOUSSAC House) following the damage caused by an unloading machine.

- Installing a columbarium to receive ashes of the dead who want to be cremated. Study of various projects that best fit into the framework of the cemetery, inventory of abandoned tombs in the old cemetery.

- Communal Chart:
Document of town planning worked out by the commune with the indispensable help of a research consultancy.
It must analyse all the environmental, architectural and landscaping aspects of the communal territory and this under the control of the State.
This document takes into account the town’s history (town and hamlets) on the geographic, economic and social levels.
Demographic projection, landscape protection, taking into account school capacities, road safety, roadway system management, water networks, drainage, electricity, defence, fire protection for agricultural zones, these are the stakes.

-Public lighting on the departmental road D660