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Badefols sur Dordogne Town Hall


The local council elected in 2014 :
Mayor : M SLAGHUIS Martin
1st Deputy : COUILLARD Jean-Philippe
2nd Deputy : VEYSSIERE Claude
Local Councillors : EICHENLAUD-BRENAC Huguette, HERVY Jean-Michel, JANSSENS Arnaud, LAFON Corinne, LOISEAU Eric, ROYER Philippe, TAYLOR Brigitte, VONTOBEL Pierre


Considerable development has taken place over the last few years, most recently of the village centre which has not only increased its charm but, by slowing down traffic, made it a safer place too.
During the same period,
400 bushes and 10 trees were planted with a long-term development objective and future generations in view.
Other local council development projects : the school, the church and the wash-house.
And, in order to encourage people to move to the commune seven 800 to1600m▓ plots of land have been installed with water, gas and electricity and are now for sale.
Future projects include the renovation and development of the Town Hall and the second stage of drainage and sanitation works.