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Alles sur Dordogne Town Hall

Heritage :
Nature is the commune’s most beautiful heritage - as a walk along the beach from Sors to Alles will prove; a moment of pure joy with beautiful things to see and beautiful moments to live...
Follow the Dordogne upstream to the confluence of the Dordogne and Vézère Rivers where each river is crossed by its own bridge (one of which has recently been restored). The rivers meet at this point but do not join properly until the end of the ‘cingle’, or large meander, in the river which is a natural beauty spot best contemplated during a summer storm.


‘Small’ heritage made up of roadside crosses and sources dots the countryside and much of this is visible during a climb up one of the steep, chalky hillsides (by which route, incidentally, one reaches Cussac).

Hiking Trail
16 km, time about 5h20.
Start from the Town Hall: face the Town Hall and go to the left.