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The World Wide Train Station Melkior Theatre                    Version Française

The world station, a space managed by the Melkior Theatre Company, is developing an artistic project aimed at creating synergy between Emergent Companies and a certain number of actors of the Independent Theatre of the Eighties. These meetings can take the form of Confrontations around the Contemporary Theatre. However the space remains open to other forms of artistic expressions (dance, visual arts, music...).

Parallel to its creation work, Melkior Theatre is developing a series of projects, within the framework of its space, aimed at laying the foundations for a true cultural action, whether it be in the direction of school establishments (middle schools, secondary schools), or within the framework of the City’s Policy.


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Melkior Théâtre La gare Mondiale
A Space for Research and Theatrical Confrontation
Espace René Coicaud
24105 Bergerac Cedex 


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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).