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Successful Installation

Every year, business leaders take over a company or start a business in Bergerac. Many of them come from all over France, from Europe and elsewhere, attracted by the presence of local opportunities and looking for a good quality of life.
Discover their experiences!

Eymet-based Physiotherapist
Emanuele Monderna, 38, an Italian physiotherapist settled in Eymet, a bastide village near Bergerac, after attending the Prov’Emploi Fair in 2012. After two years spent in a Parisian clinic, he had had enough of city life and thought about changing regions for over a year...
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• EDB Sharpening (mechanical) in Marsalès

Jean-René BOSCOUJARES founded his company, sharpening precision tools for wood, in 1999 in Marsalès, near Monpazier. At the time, it was the only company of its kind. (...)
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• Le Blason Café Restaurant in Lalinde

In the past, these premises housed a forge where local people brought their horses to be shod. (...)
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