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The Most Promising Sectors : Agriculture

Agriculture is a major economic sector in the Bergerac area, with more than 4000 jobs.

It consists of many professions

- Viticulture: 1150 winemakers, 13 AOC controlled designation of origin (Bergerac, Monbazillac Pécharmant Montravel, etc..) in the west and south-west of the Bergerac area;
- Forestry: Forests cover most of the hills that are north (Massif Landais) and east (Massive Bessède) of Bergerac;
- Field crops, partly irrigated: in the Dordogne valley and on the southern plateau (Issigeac)
- Fruits: strawberries, plums, apples
- Cattle (milk, meat)
- Poultry farming - foie gras: duck and goose
- Tobacco, walnuts
- Agro tourism: Dordogne, first Department for agro tourism in France

The large number of products with an official quality mark, the characteristics and the diversity of landscapes (mixed farming, relatively low-intensity agriculture) contribute significantly to maintaining the image of the quality of life that the Perigord enjoys.

The offers for takeover and installation in agriculture are numerous and involve very different products.

These offers are managed through the Departmental Installation Directory (RDI)

Agriculture also offers many opportunities for employment. Many seasonal jobs are available in agriculture and tourism and a significant number of these jobs also exist all year.

Examples of takeover offers : click here (in french)

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Contacts :

For help with your installation:
Chamber of Agriculture of the Dordogne
Tel :
33+ (0)5 53 35 88 67

M. Christophe DEFFARGES
Tel :
+33 (0)5 53 35 88 61

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Salaried employment in agriculture:
Departmental Job Training Association in Agriculture
Tel :
+33 (0)5 53 35 88 52