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The Couderc family 

All our produce can be bought at Bergerac market on Saturday and Wednesday mornings and at Issigeac on Sunday mornings. Customers are also welcome to buy direct from the farm.
We produce :
• Outdoor, seasonal vegetables
• Apples : a selection of varieties (except in case of serious drought)
• Apple juice, grape juice and apple/grape juice. The fruit juices are made at the farm, they are sterilised in wood fires - no nuclear electricity is used at all - using only fruit grown on our farm.


• Cider vinegar : the cider is fermented in oak barrels for a year.
• T80 wheat flour, made only from wheat from the farm, milled to order (always delivered fresh...) in an "ASTRIER" mill with granite millstones.


• Meat : Economically speaking, this is our most important produce and that which incited us to create this website.
All meat (pork, veal, beef) comes from animals organically raised on the farm. They are slaughtered at Bergerac abattoir which undergoes checks by ECOCERT. The carcasses are returned to our cold room whereupon they are cut up and vacuum-packed in individual portions in our D.S.V. certified kitchens.

ORGANIC farm-raised meat, vacuum-packed and labelled.
Without silage feed or chemical vermifuge
BEEF Assortment, 10 kg minimum 12,60€/kg
BEEF Your choice, 5 kg minimum 15.75€/kg
VEAL Assortment, 10 kg minimum 13.65€/kg
VEAL Your choice, 5 kg minimum 15.75€/kg
PORK Assortment, 10 kg minimum 10.50€/kg
PORK aYour choice, 5 kg minimum 11.55€/kg
½ a pig 6€/kg non cut-up
Organic apple juice retail 2.20€/ bottle
Organic apple/grape juice 2.30€/ bottle
Organic grape juice 2.30€/ bottle
Per case of 12 bottles 24,00€ (i.e. 2€ per bottle)
Organic cider vinegar 4,00€/ bouteille
Organic farm cider 2.30€/ bottle (depending on availability)
Seasonal vegetables (Please check with us)
Fresh flour made from wheat from the farm (in a mill with granite millstones)  
Fresh flour made from wheat from the farm 1,90 €/kg - 1,20 €/kg by 10kg - 1,15 €/kg by 25kg