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The Board of Directors and the General Assembly



Introduction   Leader
 A territory, an identity, a ‘Pays’ (literally, ‘a country’)   The European Programme: A key to your projects



The Board of Directors and the General Assembly   Strategy, a Charter and Contracts for the Pays
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Committee Members, ...   A strategy for the Bergeracois


Digital project
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  Crafts & Trade
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A federative web site, high-speed internet along with new services   Financial aid thanks to the Collective Operation for Modernisation



Board of Development
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Socio-professionals alongside elected representatives   All reports online


The Pays is implicated in
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The economy, the river, forestry, tourism, art professions, services, Pôles d’excellence rurale,...    



Contact us
Domaine de la Tour
"La Tour Est" - CS 400 12
24112 Bergerac Cedex

Tél. : +33 (0)5 53 27 30 18 -