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The Climate and the weather in the Bergerac Area

The Greater Bergarac Area, under oceanic influence, enjoys a temperate climate and sunshine, which makes it possible to sojourn there pleasantly all year, to take advantage of open-air activities and to discover its natural and cultural riches.

In the springtime,
the rise in temperature and the beneficial rain showers awaken the sleeping nature to reveal glistening flora and protected wildlife.

In the summer, the 30-degree C average maximum temperature is ideal to take advantage of the region’s tourist assets, stroll along the edge of the Dordogne’s beaches, visit historic sites...
The very mild evenings are the ideal moment to savour the generous gastronomy outdoors.
Some evenings, thunderstorms bring a bit of well-appreciated coolness.

, mild and damp, is a fairyland of colours, the trees adorn themselves with yellow and orange-tinted foliage.
It is also the season of numerous flavours and smells, with mushroom gathering in the undergrowth, and the harvest of sun-filled grapes.

with a few episodes of intense cold, freezes the landscape for awhile under a thin layer of ice or snow, and makes the frost-covered trees into ephemeral sculptures.

To see Météo France’s graphics of the climate and weather in Bergerac


The Dordogne river’s summer temperatures:
June : 19 °C
July : 21 °C
August : 23 °C
September : 18 °C