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Car-share your way to, or around, the Pays de Bergerac

Car-sharing (or carpooling) involves sharing a vehicle with one or more persons in order to reduce costs, traffic jams and pollution by sharing a journey.
Car-sharing is used for regular journeys (home-work / home-school) as well as for one-off occasions (an appointment for instance).

There are several methods of car-sharing:
• The same person uses his or her car: Costs (petrol) are shared between the number of passengers.
• The driver and the vehicle can rotate according to a pre-established plan.
Generally speaking, it is important to set a few ground rules and to stick to them: setting a fixed amount to be paid, warning passengers of a change of plans, not arriving late...

One car-sharing website to help you find or offer a journey.
At the CIJ, (Youth Information Centre) Place Doublet, Bergerac, you can advertise either for a place in a car or offer places for a journey. Free of charge.




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