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 Isabelle Gueunet-Salvucci, Artist Photographer


With an early passion for drawing and photography, Isabelle Gueunet chose to study art. After obtaining a technical certificate (BT) in Graphic Arts, she continued her art education and worked as a designer in advertising. In 1987 she left Paris for the countryside. While continuing to work for advertising agencies, she created canvas models for DMC, drew pictures of houses and made wooden jewellery.
In 1998, she set up shop in Dordogne and started the Green Wood Gallery. Thanks to digital technology, Isabelle rediscovered photography.


Activities and philosophy
Inspired by her environment she photographs doors, locks, bark, graphics, etc. ... which she sells in the form of postcards, framed compositions or posters. On the creative side, she plays with squares, fragmenting her picture, she creates depth by raising a part of the image. She also uses her computer to create poetic photomontages.
Recently her way of working has changed. Isabelle creates large pictures, playing with materials and colours. She combines her photos, cuts them, gives them volume for an amazing result, very graphic and very personal....


Isabelle Gueunet-Salvucci
Artist Photographer
11 rue Foussal
24440 Beaumont du Périgord



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