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Christine Mathieu, Gilder


Drawing can lead anywhere....
Before working in restoration and gilding on wood I dreamed of illustrating fairy stories for children or poetry books.
A graduate of the School of Applied Arts of the Gironde I did a three year apprenticeship with a master craftsman and obtained my CAP (Certificate of Professional Aptitude) as a decorative gilder. I've now had my studio in Villamblard for fifteen years. Before setting up on my own I spent three years working for a Bordeaux-based company most of whose contracts were for French National Heritage.


Activity and Philosophy
In undertaking restoration work one must respect an artist or artisan who has passed on to us through their expertise an object which has endured, sometimes for centuries.
It's fascinating to observe what an artist did in the past with simple materials: rabbit skin glue and whiting (Blanc de Meudon = chalk whiting) layered up and then moulded, engraved, polished and often bearing the imprint of subtle emotions.
The mixture of glue and whiting make a paste which can be modelled almost like clay and therefore it's possible to create any shape or form before applying the red-bole underglaze (a glue and clay mixture) onto which one then lays sheets or “leaves” of noble metals – GOLD, SILVER, COPPER or PALLADIUM.
I hope through the use of these unique materials to imbue my restorations and creations with feeling, poetry and humour whilst still remaining modest.
Pablo Picasso said, “Since Lascaux we haven't managed to do any better” a quote which speaks of the materials worked by Early Man and of all the things we can feel when discovering their Art.


Christine Mathieu
270, Merigue Est
24 140 Villamblard
Tel. +33 (0)5 53 82 44 06
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Studio open by appointment


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