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Le RocksaneVersion Française

The Rocksane is a venue specially adapted for the promotion and development of modern music: concerts, music classes, rehearsal studios, theatre, films and documentaries, cultural events, partnerships with other organisations...


"Overlook", the organisation which runs Rocksane, has developed the project along three main lines aimed at:
- Appealing to all ages and social groups and making available opportunities for personal fulfilment, empowerment, inventiveness, discovery and creativity, whilst encouraging social and inter-generational interaction;
- Encouraging artistic creativity by backing initiatives, supporting creativity and the distribution of work, developing practices and artistic education related to modern musical genres;
- Participating in the development and structuring of the modern music industry by setting up partnerships with various industry players.

The Venue:
- 476 place concert hall
- Reception area
- Rehearsal studios
- Classrooms

Bergerac Rock School
- Guitar lessons
- Drum lessons
- Piano lessons
- Bass lessons
- Singing lessons
- Rehearsals

Modern & Contemporary Music
14 bis rue Pozzi
Tel : +33 (0)
5 53 63 03 70


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