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Edmond de la Closerie

Foies gras

We make two types of carefully prepared and seasoned foie gras: ‘mi-cuit’ foie gras (rare), which is unctuous and pink in the centre, and preserved foie gras which is as tasty as anything and improves with age.
The ‘mi-cuit’ foie gras is prepared in Monbazillac.
Foie gras is delectable accompanied by a delicately-flavoured fruit jelly or chutney or even with dried fruit such as prunes on lightly toasted brown bread. A green salad goes well, although not too heavily seasoned. It is best to open conserves an hour or so before serving them to allow the flavours to breathe.
A variety of starters can be prepared with our sliced magret, Périgourdin Delight, rillettes and grattons (the latter are both pâtés made with duck cooked in duck fat).
We suggest one of the best Monbazillac sweet wines to accompany our foie gras: Clos Fontindoule produced by Gilles Cros. The wine is made using traditional methods such as harvesting manually, late in the season, and with successive, selective passages. It is oak-aged. We have chosen the 1994 vintage with which we don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

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Fresh or smoked, magret is wonderful. Our smoked and dried magret are lightly salted with Bayonne salt and prepared with no artificial additives or preservatives; they dry naturally for the length of time it takes them.
Smoked or dried magret :
• Can be eaten as an appetiser, either by itself or wrapped around a piece of fruit (pear, melon, prune, grape...) and skewered in place with a tooth pick.
• Added to mixed salads, jazzed up with shavings of foie gras, and gizzards pan-fried in their own fat.
• Pan-seared and served with a fried egg or added to stews or vegetables (peas, beans...).
For fresh magret, make a few diagonal slits in the skin and pan-fry over a high flame for 10 to 15 min before turning the magret onto the meat side and heating for a further 5 min. Most of the fat will melt when the skin side is being cooked, it should be removed and can be used in the preparation of other dishes. Slice and serve with our Périgueux sauce.
There are instructions on the packet for pot-roasting or spit-roasting.

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Preserved duck confit is simmered gently in duck fat for hours before being vacuum-packed with a sufficient amount of fat for home preparation.
Cold, sliced, it will enliven gourmet salads and is particularly delicious mixed with preserved gizzards.
Heat in its own fat, in the frying pan or in the oven, till the skin turns a golden brown and serve with sautéed potatoes and, perhaps, cèpe mushrooms.
Add to ‘gabure’ (a rich soup from the South-west of France), cassoulet, vegetable dishes (lentils, oven-baked potatoes, dried beans, broad beans...) half an hour before serving.

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Cou farci et autres spécialités gourmandes

Stuffed Neck and Other Gourmet Specialities.

The neck is sewn and stuffed with an old-fashioned stuffing of coarsely chopped duck and pork and liberally splashed with Armagnac.
It is served sliced, hot or cold:
• Cold with an accompaniment of salad, condiments or onion chutney.
• Hot, lightly heated through in the frying pan, coated with Périgueux sauce and accompanied by peas, beans or sautéed potatoes.

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