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Edmond de la Closerie

Edmond de la Closerie uses only traditional, time-honoured methods that have long since proved their worth in the fabrication of their preserves. The preserved duck confit for instance (gizzards, wing tips, legs)is allowed to simmer slowly in an open pan of pure duck fat (instead of being put in a pressure cooker) which reduces the humidity level as far as possible and also means that the finished product is only 15% fat.


Our dried and smoked duck magret are hung to dry in the fresh air (strictly controlled) without any form of artificial drying, for as long as necessary.

The smoked magret undergoes a light, natural smoking over vine wood whose smoke is considered to have «excellent gustative qualities ». Once again, no chemicals, no soaking and no artificial methods of smoking are used.
The only preservatives we use are pepper and salt as has been the way in the Périgord for centuries.

The majority of our meat and duck foie gras are
guaranteed to be of Périgord origin which means that the ducks are raised, crammed with maize, slaughtered, cut up and cooked in the Périgord. Guaranteed Périgord origin and quality, combined with our culinary skills, results in the best of Périgord’s legendary savours.