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Leix Viticultural Nursery

Leix Viticultural Nursery, at the service of your garden
To install a climbing vine, an arbour, or a pergola.

Table varieties to enjoy, suitable for a small garden:


 golden pink black

Golden Chasselas Alexandria Muscat
Beirut Date Italia (Ideal)
Perlette (seedless) Queen of the Vine
Hamburg Muscat Alphonse Lavallée
Cardinal Fontainebleau Chasselas


The Vineyard’s Cycle:

Vineyard development and the wine grower’s work

In winter, from November to February:
The vineyard is at rest, the wine grower prunes the vines.

Guyot Pruning

The Plant of the Year in a Pot

In spring, March and April, the buds develop, the vineyard reawakens.
After planting, prune to two “eyes”. The second year, prune to the height of the wire, 50 to 100 cm, leaving two buds.

In summer, July and August, the leaves continue to grow and the flowers produce grape seeds: this is called “setting”.
The two vine shoots are attached in opposite directions on each wire, to facilitate air circulation.

Removing excess leaves is done at the beginning of summer, by pinching out the branches two leaves after the cluster of grapes, to help ripening.

The autumn, September and October, is grape harvest time.
The grapes are gathered by hand or by machine.