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In this area of France the wood used in house building is susceptible to attack from insects.

The Capricorn beetle, the death-watch beetle, the powder-post beetle and other Coleopteran beetles are insects with xylophogous larvae which attack timber work, beams, lintels, floorboards and furniture etc.

Termites are more discreet wood-eaters; they burrow into the wood leaving no sawdust behind.

Generally they come from the ground and enter houses in search of wood cellulose, paper or material etc.

SAS FRAMO fights a successful battle against these insects in the Bergerac region.


Treatment can either prevent or cure depending on the stage reached and can involve the use of chemicals or bait.

Curative : the treatment of timber and structural work which involves sounding out the insects, making holes, cleaning the wood and injecting a product into the wood.

Curative (termites) : Construction of a chemical barrier by injecting a chemical product into the walls, floors and woodwork.

Curative (termites) : The « bait » method which consists of laying traps around the protected zone and the termite « passages ». The colony is eradicated within a matter of months.

Preventative (termites) : The « bait » method enables the surveillance of a particular area. As soon as the insects begin to attack, a technician can step in and begin the curative phase.

For new houses in infested areas :
TERMIFILM is a preventative and long-lasting anti-termite barrier which offers complete, long-term protection.