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Crédit mutuel Bank

Blows of Inch of the CMSO :
Associative Project
young Project
local Initiative

Key players in the Local Economy :
• 100% for associations
• Helping hand - youth projects
• Employment challenge
• Funding for local projects

The words which make the difference :

Shareholder :
A customer with one or more shares automatically becomes a co-proprietor of the local branch with voting rights at the general meeting and a voice in electing the bank’s board of directors. Crédit Mutuel has 5.7 million partners.

The Board :
Local branch board members are elected representatives who have a voice in the management of the branch and to whom the partners look for smooth management and quality of service. There are 25 000 of them at the Crédit Mutuel.

General Meeting :
It is at the general meeting that members are elected to - or in certain cases removed from - the board of directors. It is also here that the branch’s accounts and balance sheets are approved and it is an important annual date in the branch’s calendar. There are approximately 2000 a year at the Crédit Mutuel.

A Crédit Mutuel Branch or a Local Branch :
The Crédit Mutuel is a variable-capital co-operative bank. It has savings accounts, accords loans and offers its partners a range of services and products adapted to individual requirements. The bank has 1820 branches grouped into eighteen regional federations which in turn make up the National Confederation of the Crédit Mutuel.

A Mutual, Co-operative Company :
A group of people united to satisfy their economic, social and cultural needs and aims through a collectively-owned and democratically-run company. The difference between the Crédit Mutuel and a shareholder-owned company systematically geared towards profit-making, lies in the services proposed to members and its regional development projects - even though, naturally, financial viability is nonetheless necessary to the bank’s survival.

Partner’s Share :
A share in the capital of a co-operative company. There exist various types of share. Share A is the one which bestows partnership.