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Crédit mutuel BankVersion Française

  Crédit mutuel
«La Banque à qui parler»

Bergerac Branch
1, rue des Carmes
BP 763
24107 Bergerac Cedex
Tel :
+33 (0)
Fax :
+33 (0)

Open :
Lundi : closed
Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday : 9h - 12h45; 14h-18h
Thursday : 9h-12h45; 15h45- 18h
Saturday : 9h-12h45.
  Bergerac Registered Company D 314 136 888
Co-operative Banking Limited Company, with variable capital
Insurance Brokerage
Financial Guarantee and Third-party Insurance
Adherent of the Professional Code of Insurance

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).