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Crédit mutuel Bank
  A team of men and women are always available with information concerning the Crédit Mutuel’s banking and insurance activities :
• Investments
• Loans
• Services
• Insurance
    Reception and Advisors :
From left to right

-Daniel Lescure
-Isabelle Poupée
-Céline Lafont
-Christine Bournet
-Christian Rigal
-Christelle Pineaud
-Françoise Peyrat
(Assistant Director)
-Céline Delmas
-Jean Guilianelli
    Business Advisors :

-Joanne Roquecave (Viticultural - Agriculture Specialist)
-Rudy Peyronnet

  Sales Team :

-Olivier Deweerdt (heritage adviser)
-Nicolas Fage (charged of customers field of study conquest)
  Branch Manager :

-Raphaël Carques