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With concern for the quality of its installations, CLIMATELEC uses well-known brands, whose material has the best quality regarding:
- High output
- Little noise pollution
- Proven reliability
- Low energy consumption
- Good protection of people and property
All with good respect for the environment.


- Energy economy:
With the new “Inverter” air conditioning systems, you have the benefit of 3500w of useful power for 1090w of absorbed power (ratio of 3.21).
- Noise pollution: Less than 23dB for 3.5kW machines that provide hot or cold air conditioning in a 40 m² room.
- Environmental protection: Nowadays, air conditioning systems use clean gas (R410A), which does not destroy the ozone layer.
- Protection of people and property: For all electric installations, new and renovation, CLIMATELEC’s work conforms with the new norm NF C 15-100.