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Hunting & Fishing 3000, Elan Service Station

However, Eymet petrol station is more than just this as we also have a hunting and fishing shop which sells all accessories.


We sell a very wide selection of fishing articles and a dedicated angler should be able to find everything he needs here. We stock the best brands such as Sert, Sensas, Pezon & Michel, Balzer, Mepps, La Sirène, Shimano….

We distribute fishing permits (national, daily, youth...), don't hesitate to contact us
Lively lures in any seasons


Those who enjoy fishing more often than not enjoy hunting too. Our shop stocks arms, munitions and various accessories. Our main suppliers are Tunet, Winchester, Mary Arm and Fabarm.

The Cutlery Shop
Wide choice of regional knives : Opinel, Laguiole, Thiers, Nontron…
 Cutlery industry :

Sale and Crimping of preserving cans.
Jars glass