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Hunting & Fishing 3000, Elan Service StationVersion Française

France, with its magnificent landscapes and its green trees, is a lovely country and if you’ve been wondering where to go on holiday this year, why not opt for France where you are sure not to be disappointed. In the south-west of the country, 100km or so from Bordeaux, in an area situated between Bergerac (in the Dordogne) and Marmande (in the Lot et Garonne), in a region reputed for its wine, is a magnificent 13th century bastide town. And this charming, little town is known as EYMET...


The local people are warm and welcoming as a stop at the Elan petrol station will quickly confirm. For those who enjoy the peace and quiet of fishing, we also propose a fishing and hunting shop. Only about five minutes away can be found a beautiful, peaceful 100-hectare lake, full of fish.

Elan Petrol Station - more than just a garage
As you drive into the town, you will see to your left more than just a petrol station. The quality of the service is exceptional and the reception warmly welcoming. We are one of the rare garages these days to still serve our customers their petrol.
90 m² are dedicated to fishing and hunting.
A food store offers regional products and food for your snacks.
The petrol station, with its trees and flowers, is easily accessible from the road and easy to park in, while the recently renovated shop is light, airy and spacious and will, we hope, provide you with exactly what you are looking for.

Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).