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Living in or moving to France?
A wealth preservation service from Blevins Franks
At Blevins Franks we specialise in providing integrated and detailed tax and wealth management advice to wealthy expatriates in Europe.
Our key aim is to help our clients preserve their wealth, during their lifetime and through to the next generation. In today’s world, this goal is becoming harder to reach without good, professional advice.
For decades now, Blevins Franks have specialised in advising UK nationals living abroad on how to minimise tax on their invested capital. We have built up a deep understanding of the financial planning needs of British expatriates in France and the local tax regime, and have earned a reputation as the leading international tax and wealth managers to UK nationals living in Europe.
All our services are highly personal and tailor made for each client, and include:
- Tax planning – taking the French and UK rules into account
- Estate planning for both France and the UK
- Tax residency and domicile determination
- Pensions planning
- Asset protection
- Investment advice
Our head office is in London, and our Administration and Trust Centre in Malta. Besides Bergerac, we also have Partners throughout the key expatriate areas in France, Spain, Portugal, Cyprus and Malta.



Translation provided by this partner.