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Biocoop Bergerac

In the late 70s, motivated by the same desire to support organic agriculture and thereby develop high-quality, organic accessible produce, consumers and producers joined forces to form cooperatives and set up Coops.
However, it was not until 1986 that Biocoop was created when a 1901 Law association was set up by the shops which were signatories of a single, precise Charter laying down the same values for all of the network's partners.
The Charter provides the ethical basis on which our choices are founded (100% organic, linked to the soil, bulk products, seasonal produce) and lists produce which we refuse to sell (no GM products, nothing from the southern hemisphere, nothing transported by aeroplane, nothing made by labourers on less than 2€ per day). Our choices establish a coherence which brings us in line with the expectations of our customers.
The same ethics apply to our financial management. Biocoop, governed by the 1901 Law is a non-profit making body and, incidentally, has no shareholders. Profit is reinvested in the company for its improvement, modernisation and, above all, in order to be able to maintain "fair prices" making organic produce available and accessible to all.