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Biocoop Bergerac

Biocoop: expert in organic products
Thanks to its many stores, the Biocoop network has a role important to play in the development and evolution of health food.
By setting up networks, participating in the development of terms and conditions, working with suppliers to increase the selection of organic products and improve their composition, Biocoop wants to guarantee optimal quality with a concern for traceability.

For organic products of quality:
Biocoop’s goal is to offer organic products made of 100% certified ingredients. This is why Biocoop’s purchase policy is based on in-depth knowledge of its suppliers and the origin of the raw materials, and on building long-lasting partnerships. Particular attention is given to the composition of organic products. Each one is the object of a rigorous selection within committees:
Flavours: At Biocoop, no product contains non-organic natural flavouring.
GMO (genetically modified organisms): Well before the media talked about GMO, Biocoop excluded products containing non-organic corn or soy, even used as simple additives (starch, lecithin), in order to use only raw materials of biological origin.