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We offer special rates for cleaning – polishing cars and motorcycles, as well as additional services (on request) and partial services (correction of a component, working only on the body, or exclusively on the passenger compartment, for example).

- Very advantageous because the vehicle is down for only a brief time. Its low cost, up to 50% less, compared to traditional repair, and the lack of excess (deductible ), unlike traditional repairs, are all significant advantages.
Besides the weather, your car can be damaged by the impact of a door in a car park, a shopping cart, or during demonstrations or national festivities. The price of dent removal varies with the severity of the dents and the time spent removing them.
Dent 'massage' is a technique used to straighten out dents in vehicle bodywork where impact has not damaged the paintwork.
If the paintwork is chipped, the dents will need to be repaired using traditional bodywork methods.
Dent repair without paintwork and new, quick bodywork methods are ideal if you wish to restore your vehicle to its original condition while preserving all anti-corrosive qualities to get the best resale price possible.

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Text translated by Pays du Grand Bergeracois (professional translator).