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• Insulation of New Attic and Renovation

Mineral wool
Ecological insulation
Cellulose wadding
Wood fibre
Sheep’s wool
FREE inspection and estimate

(Save 30% on your heating bill)
(25 to 40% tax credit)

Authorized attic insulator

• Roof and façade cleaning and repair

The roof has an important role in the aesthetics and the protection of your house.
With time, your roof’s appearance deteriorates with the effects of erosion and multiple attacks (pollution, development of micro-organisms...).

Our techniques:


• Moisture treatment
-Damp walls, cellars, fungus, capillary rising, house fungus, condensation, mildew, saltpetre, efflorescences.
-Dehumidifier sale and installation - Moisture Controlled Positive Ventilation

• Disinfection

Clearing unhealthy premises – cleaning – antibacterial treatment, fungicide treatment of materials and buildings (garbage chute, dustbins, containers, dumps and others)