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• Preventive or remedial anti-termite treatment using chemical barriers or baited traps

Chemical Barriers

Creation of a chemical barrier by injection in walls, floors and wood using products that meet CTB P+ standards


Trap Method
-Installation of traps around the affected area as well as along termite passages, in order to eradicate the colony.
-Acts as an inhibitor of the insects’ moult
-Acts by the principle of trophallaxis: it is transmitted by the termite workers, when passing food to the other insects and the queen.


• Wood Framework Treatment

This is a business for specialists and precision, which necessitates and establishes how to consider treating your wooden framework. This diagnosis determines the need for necessary remedial treatment or preventive treatment by injection, and/or spraying.

All our work is guaranteed by insurance.

• Soil Treatment Before Construction

Creation of a physical-chemical barrier
On November 1, 2007, the implementation of Termite Law n°99-471 of June 1999 and the orders of May and June, 2006, impose the installation of a protection barrier between the ground and the building or a construction device whose condition is controllable.
In Dordogne, Lot and Garonne, Gironde and other departments, treatment is obligatory for all new construction.